A random stranger once asked me to describe my music.
I told him,
“Your last girlfriend scratching on your back kitchen door… “

Take a young, delicate soul and mix it with a whirlwind of emotions that conjure up fear, love and anxiety. Combine it with a powerful voice over irresistible melodies, and you have Starina. Her music can break down walls and melt most hearts…

Starina Catchatoorian is a Brooklyn-based songstress whose music is hauntingly vulnerable, yet strong and driven, all at once. Originally from Chicago, her midwestern roots give her music a layer of honesty and depth that demands attention from even the most light-hearted listener.


“The Snow Years” is a collection of songs that mark the end of a three-year period of depression, destruction, and renewal. Failed relationships that triggered a troubled past had finally caught up with her. These sentiments are addressed in songs like “LA” and the haunting “Before We Began.” (”It’s always the sweet ones who’ll turn on you, sour with every stab.”)

“I was pretty emotionally raw for a very long time. There had been a violence and rage that had been building up in me for many years, and like a volcano, I exploded. The lava is in this record,” said Starina. The mood of the album is about eruption, solidification, and cooling.

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