Launched Go Fund Me for Berlin Film Fest

Dear Everyone,

My music video got selected to premiere at The Berlin Independent Film Festival, which is a prestigious film festival that takes place in Berlin in just 2  weeks.
I need your help getting there.
I had a vision to make a music video for one of my songs last year and I worked really hard, and got lots of support from people like you to create the video. NOW  it’s about to explode on the European scene!

My presence at the festival would enable me to continue to flourish as an artist. I know this because my attendance at the Williamsburg International Festivall this past September (which is a smaller, but still very esteemed festival) allowed me to make valuable connections in the industry.  For one, I met TV producer Robin C. Adams, and New York Talk Show Host Donna Drake, which lead to my appearance on the upcoming WilliFest TV Special which is due to air on CBS-NY Jan 24, 2015.
My music video received The Outstanding Achievement Award at The Williamsburg International Festival. I believe that my attendance played a significant role in my winning of the prize. The heightened awareness and success of this video also boosts the professional visibility of my brilliant collaborators including Brad Ragland, (Director)  Shamim Seifzadeh, (Production Designer) and Laura Monteleone (Makeup Artist).

Only 58 films were chosen to be screened at Berlin Independent Film Festival, 20 of which are music videos. I am thrilled and honored to even be included. With your support I’d be able to savor an enhance this amazing moment in my career.

Help me keep this momentum going! Help me keep this momentum going!

Pledge at Go Fund Me HERE

Expenses include flight to Europe, accommodation, and promotion materials for the festival.

If you ever thought a dream could never be realised, I’m here to tell you YES, YES, it can.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my music and me in the past, present and future!  Shazam!

Big love,